Student Management

Student Management

Student management is an elaborate section on the IMS. All student related activities are managed from here by administrators and teachers. Administrators access student profiles to check their educational backgrounds, character certificates, awards before giving admission and student accounts to check their Fee status. Teachers use this section to monitor student performance to gauge their progress and find problems like failed class work of tests. They also use this platform to make remarks on student performance and send the notifications when needed. Teachers use this also to upload notes and assignments.
Students use this section to keep track of their academic progress, access notes and assignments. They also use it to check on their Fee status. To qualify for exams, students have to meet a certain attendance criteria. They access their cumulative attendance records for that here.
This section caters for parents as well. It allows them to keep a close eye on their child’s performance, view notifications, SMS’s and mails from the Institute. Parents also have access to their child’s attendance records here. 


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