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ProICT is a high-Tech Software Development Company based in New York that has been in the field of transforming education for the last five years and has been able to establish itself by providing services to Institutions through its branches in many parts of the world including India and the Philippines. ProICT’s IMS is a system that has been designed to handle all processes carried out in Schools, Colleges and Universities. The system is innovative, with interfaces that are easy to work with even for the most novice user.It automates business functions in organizations making them efficient in running their internal operations enabling smooth administration and management.


We envision a future in which all educators and education systems are equipped with the latest technology to track and manage entire operation of their system with accuracy, accessibility and reliability while on a go.

What’s makes the IMS different

User friendly

Menu driven to ease system use


Accommodate growth of Institute


Specific to institute’s requirements


Preservation of your systems operability

Usability is the strength of the system

Interfaces of the IMS are as user friendly as they come. They are interactive, accept information and retrieve it accurately upon request. They are easy enough to be used by novices who have no prior experience of computers.

The IMS is designed for growth

The IMS gives you a complete picture of how your School or institute has progressed over a period of time. It has excellent reporting tools that portray the data graphically making interpretation easy and simple to comprehend.

It’s the computer based version of your system

The IMS is customer centric and offers flexibility. It has the ability to map on to and fit seamlessly with in an Institutes operational framework and also accommodate any add-ons that the organization uses.

System Service and upgrades all year round

The IMS development team works on improving the system all year round. Updates are prepared to solve issues and are released periodically. These updates are made available to Institutes using the system to ensure continuum of work.

Investment in the IMS ensures efficiency, consistency and reliability Which transforms into stability and continuity of The institute

The IMS is a compact system that has all the necessary components to manage an Educational Institution. It has excellent data storage and security capabilities and can be easily accessed over the net through desktop facilities and a mobile app ensuring continuous service.

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